Wednesday, 8 August 2007


The Idea-"Around the World in 80 Dinners [while staying in the same place] is a journal and food diary for reluctant tourists and lazy foodies like me.The idea developed out of a chance remark I made to a friend last year.Friend"where did you go on your holidays?" Me "lunch".So, the concept is that I eat in as many restaurants and cafes from different countries while staying more or less in the same city. Which is Manchester. I say more or less in the same place as even a quick glance at 'City Life Food and Drink,Greater Manchester,2007 revised and updated' will tell you that there are no where near 80 countries represented culinary-wise. I am allowed to stray beyond the city limits in search of exotic experiences.For example,there is a Chilean restaurant in Liverpool which is on my list [and a Brazilian] whereas Manchester can only boast of an Argentinian. Regional differences also count as in Cantonese and Sichuan.
This is also a journey in a metaphoric sense so my final destination is not important.80 is a fairly random number in that it only tips a nod to Jules Verne [how did he choose 80 days?] so I intend to enjoy the trip as I will no doubt die of an obesity related heart disease or explode like the man at the end of that Python movie before I get close to 80 dinners.
I do not intend for this to be a guide or a review of the restaurants as I am neither a tour guide or a food critic. Rather ,it will be a record [with photos] of what I and my friends eat ,the places we go and the experiences we have. All of which I hope will be of some interest.......


Athena said...

Am wading into your world with your first post, so I understand your mission. Enjoyable reading it is, for a Southerner (in the USA, that is)!!!

robert hamilton said...

Why thank you, Athena. The photo was taken outside the Hyatt!!