Sunday, 9 March 2008

Around the World in 30 dinners


When I came to visit Manchester in 1977 the first place I saw was Piccadilly Gardens. It was as if God had gathered all the signs of Armageddon in one place and it still haunts me to this day. So the thought of going there for lunch, albeit in the service of this post, filled me with dread. The gardens have had several facelifts but the ghosts of '77 still linger. Also, Manchester and Mexican food have never had a happy relationship, how 'El Macho' has lasted this long defies reason. So it came as a surprise to come across Barburrito Mexican Grill nestling in amoung the Kros, Rices and Neros. I had a Chicken Burrito with nachos and an over sweet fizzy drink.

Another surprise was that it was, if not authentic, tasty. For true authenticity, I can recommend the Church St Cafe in Old Town, Albuquerque.

But it's a long way to go for a pre 'payday Fopp blowout' snack. Until Church St becomes a chain, which I hope is never, Barburrito will have to do.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Turkish Delight

After 23 years of 'evenings only', the Turkish Delight has opened its doors for the discerning Chorlton lunchtime trade. Trying to get over the delights of Albuquerque, it proved to be a welcome diversion from my weekly search for that elusive free-range bird [see the French poulet from 'Out of the Blue']. On a dark, dank Saturday, I was warmed with Sis Kofte, tabbouleh and a bracing Turkish coffee.

It was filling and surprising good value, certainly enough to be a regular post-shopping treat. So, with bird in't hand and an early Easter approaching, I went home a happy bunny. I hope the Turkish Delight keeps its lunchtime doors open long enough to dissuade the maitre'd wishing every customer "Good Evening".