Sunday, 30 September 2007


With the leaves turning and Autumn truly here, I went in search of warmer climes and found it tucked behind MMU-a two mniute walk away from work -'Jati' Malay [and Thai] Cafe. It serves a wide variety of Malaysian and Thai dishes in a warm and homely setting. Tea is the drink of the day and it is sweetly served in dimpled pint mugs. I never drink non-alcoholic drinks after 11 00 when the Sun is well over the yard arm in my book and 'Jati' being 100% halal, I stuck to water [yes I know what fish do in it].

I had a lunch special, Malaysian Chicken Curry with crunchy curried veg and rice. The meat fell from the bone-juicy and tender in the mouth. I was transported from that dark and dull day in a moment.
The staff were as welcoming as a South China Sea breeze and the girls bade me a sunny Malay farewell as I left in search of Mr Peroni.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Lounge Ten

On a wet Wednesday afternoon I went in search of some comforting sustenance French-style to Lounge Ten on Tib Lane. In recent years Manchester has lost some of its finest French restaurants, Le Mont and Brasserie St Pierre to name but two and gained others- mainly chains and in hotels it has to be said. In contrast, Lounge Ten has a decadent air to it.It is dark and adorned with lustful frescoes that gives lunch a pre liason frill.
A 10@10 menu gives you 2 courses for £10 and a choice of 3 starters and mains as well as a short list of desserts.With the mysterious disappearence of half-bottles from the wine lists of Manchester [the true sign of the serious lone luncher], I consoled myself with a glass of decent house red. The food was as succulent and sexy as the setting, especially the pan fried chicken with a rich tomato sauce and cous-cous that came wtih more than a hint of North Africa.

The service was efficient and came with a ready smile [thanks Rachel].If I was in Paris I would have left for an assignation but on a wet Wednesday in Manchester, I went back to work.

Monday, 10 September 2007


The search for exotic experiences continues and with another lazy Sunday afternoon in view, Brian and I set off for pastures new. We found our way to the 'Kurdistan Restaurant' on Grandale Street, Rusholme. We ordered 'Chicken Quzi','Kebab Mahshee' with nan, rice and salad. They came with a hot aubergine stew and a harissa broth to moisten the grilled meats, breads and rice.

It was a feast.Rich ,succulent and filling, we did our best to clear the heaving table but left defeated and happy.

Here's the thing, Kurdistan is not a country.It's a 'traditional ethnographic region' that includes Iran,Iraq,Syria,Turkey,Azerbaijan and Armenia.However, for my purpose it will count as one.And for the Kurds who gave us as such a warm and friendly welcome, it should be. Free Kurdistan!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Bar Lorenzo

In my youth, my knowledge of food was ,to say the least, limited. My idea of a fine dining experience was a Vesta Paella for two and a bottle of Mateus Rose. Well, I've grown up and moved on - to Bar Lorenzo to be precise.Situated on Beech Road,it is decked out in the colours of Spain and sells Iberian treats from a short tapas menu.
In memory of my lost and misguided youth,I had a small bowl of paella,some whitebait and a glass of dry [Spanish] Rosado.

I bumped into Morgan who helped me finnish the whitebait and celebrate number 11 on my journey.