Sunday, 27 January 2008


Shopping on a Sunday in Chorlton can be a chore at the best of times, but imagine my horror to find that it had become a free-range-chicken-free zone. Thanks, I suspect, in no small measure to Hugh Foppery-Witlessstool and his recent tirade against foul fowl farming. I couldn't find a bird that had led a blameless life for love nor money, talk about virgins and Nevada whorehouses. To get over the shock, I went to see what Uluru had to offer.Uluru is an Australian bar and grill, and it being the day after Australia Day, very little was the answer. The menu was as rare as a convent girl at a picnic at Hanging Rock. Not for the first time, I had to seek solice at the bottom of a bottle and ordered the last Tooheys from a very hungover barman-it was the day after Australia Day after all.

And very refreshing it was too as I forgot the chicken and contemplated what to have for Sunday tea. I will return to Uluru but, I suspect, it is more billabong than bushtucker.

Sunday, 20 January 2008


The Lord of Food moves in mysterious ways. I was e-mailing Beth in Texas, telling her what a fine institution Sunday lunch is and at the same time, realising that the Official British Army Fitness Programme [see last weeks Guardian] said that thou shall not rest on the 7th day but take a 'brisk' 30 minute walk. I calculated that Persia [just down the road from Coriander] was that distance from my rumbling [and protruding] tummy. So to vanquish hunger and further the cause of fitness, there I headed at a 'brisk' pace.. Persia is a wonderful and well-appointed Iranian restarauant that is thankfully open all Sunday afternoon and evening. Madi showed me to my table.

We talked of many things over the course of my visit, including her admiration of her fellow countryman, Arsenal's Adebayor, her love of United and showed an interest in my journey. If you read this, Madi, thank you.The food was equally delightful as I feasted on Chicken Baghali Polo, Salad Shirazi and a minty Persian tea.

I walked home at a less than brisk pace.

Sunday, 13 January 2008


Forgive me readers, it has been some time since my last post. Well, you know how it is- post holiday blues, health kicks, credit crunches and that god awful return to work all combined to make me a a little billy-stay-at-home. For my first visit of 2008, I ventured out to the Gothic netherlands of Southern Cemetery and the Coriander Restaurant. It is an authentic Bangladeshi eatery with a homely feel to it serving fresh Bengali dishes such as the rare 'Grand Mother's Beef', which I had with onion and coriander rice washed down with a pint of Cobra-so much for the health kick.

Let me wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. Stay tuned for more adventures as I head for the half way mark plus a special overseas report from Albuquerque in February. Hot dogs and jumping frogs!