Sunday, 20 January 2008


The Lord of Food moves in mysterious ways. I was e-mailing Beth in Texas, telling her what a fine institution Sunday lunch is and at the same time, realising that the Official British Army Fitness Programme [see last weeks Guardian] said that thou shall not rest on the 7th day but take a 'brisk' 30 minute walk. I calculated that Persia [just down the road from Coriander] was that distance from my rumbling [and protruding] tummy. So to vanquish hunger and further the cause of fitness, there I headed at a 'brisk' pace.. Persia is a wonderful and well-appointed Iranian restarauant that is thankfully open all Sunday afternoon and evening. Madi showed me to my table.

We talked of many things over the course of my visit, including her admiration of her fellow countryman, Arsenal's Adebayor, her love of United and showed an interest in my journey. If you read this, Madi, thank you.The food was equally delightful as I feasted on Chicken Baghali Polo, Salad Shirazi and a minty Persian tea.

I walked home at a less than brisk pace.


Hazza said...

I find your blog most informative. I am a food lover and have just recently moved nearby and am rather unfamiliar with the local ~(Chorlton) eateries. Keep up the good work!

robert hamilton said...

Thank you Hazza-please pass the blog address on to your friends and keep reading.

iwona said...

Do we expect a blog from the jumping frog? :)

iwona said...

Answered my own question reading your Corriander visit.
Would it count as an 'around the world..' experience to chose an English eaterie in the US?

robert hamilton said...

Hi Iwona, under the strict rules of AWED Committee it wouldn't and there are no English eateries in Albuquerque- but I have seen the Santa Fe Tandoori!

Chris Paul said...

Robert - I'll blog the blog before long. Do you happen to know what happened to the Tandoori Kitchen (late Persian Restaurant) of Rusholme. Vanished with very little explanation 30-40 years after opening.

And does the Persia have a veggie menu - the one in the window is heavily carniverous and that does not suit all en famille.

The KLS at the aforementioned TK/PR was an exceptional lentils and spinach concoction which even meat eaters might die for.