Thursday, 10 December 2009


Seasons Greetings, dear readers! As you've no doubt guessed that the feastive season is upon us once again- as if the drunken idiots wearing Santa hats and the anxious ridden faces of shoppers carrying Primark bags didn't alert you (tho the shoppers could be anytime of the year). As ever, the catering industry has moved into cheap but overpriced turkey meals for even drunker office workers mode and we at 'Aroundtheworldin80dinners' Global headquarters, Beijing (Manchester Branch) almost give up on finding a meal without a festive flavour. One such recent exception was a visit to the highly recommended Ning, in the Northern Quarter.

Ning serves great Malaysian and Thai food such as this tasty Mensummun curry, cooled only by a few ice cold Singha beers.

I went with the Chinese Film Forum, UK (Felicia, Ying, Xiaochen and me) and invited guests ( Shivani, Lucia, Dong and Steve) to celebrate our first Christmas as a group- watch out for forthcoming events!! It was a great evening and thanks to Felicia for organising it. It also marked the first of what I hope to be many CFFUK celebrations (hey, it worked for French Connection) and the first of many festive parties to follow...Merry Christmas to one and all.