Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sampan Retaurant, Lamma Island

Continuing our travelogue food fest, Miss Sarah Perks and I moved from the Middle to the Far East, meeting Shivani and Andy on the way. We were off to the Hong Kong Film Festival, to meet some old friends, make some new aquaintances and to experience some of the finest Chinese food in the World....in China.

Sarah's brother, Chris and his family, Frankie, Petra and Omar, live on the delightful (and car free) island of Lamma, which is a short ferry ride from Hong Kong.On a sunny afternoon, we lunched on the waterfront at the 'Sampan Seafood Restaurant', lots of dishes (including prawns) and bottles of T'sing Tao shared in true Oriental style.

The company was joyful, the food was succulent and the beer, plentiful. As Sarah stayed to play Auntie to the endless energy of Petra and Omar, we thanked Frankie and Chris for their unending hospitality. Shivani, Andy and I sailed hotelward as the sun sank over the South China sea, a little drunk and a lot happy.