Monday, 19 July 2010

Him Kee Restaurant, Hong Kong

One of the highlights of my visit to Hong Kong was reacquainting my friendship with Teresa and Jessey, two of the esteemed guests at last year's 'Visible Secrets' film festival at the Cornerhouse (see Zouk). Teresa kindly took us to the 'Him Kee', a restaurant specialising in hotpot.

Those of us living in the north west or followers of 'Coronation Street' would think of Betty and the 'Rovers Return' but in Chinese cuisine it is a banquet of raw ingredients which you cook at the table in tureens of steaming broth. It was a great experience to which the act of cooking together added to the communal glow of the evening.

Of course that could have been down to the designated beer waitress, who was kept busy at our table, or at least my section of it. 'Maai fei fat' meal with 'maai fei fat' people. Ng gui Teresa, it was jan.