Sunday, 25 November 2007

European Market

Well, with the abject failure of the Home countries to make
Euro' 08, it's nice of Europe to come to us in the guise of the now annual Christmas market. While it is dominated by the Baverian party standards- sausages,beer and mulled wines for the office and shopping hoardes- it does provide your intrepid blogger with an opportunity to sample the fare of countries not normally represented. After some extensive research, I found a hearty broth from Switzerland,
potato pancakes from Luxembourg and Dutch waffles.

Strangely, no sign of the Croatian stall.

Sunday, 11 November 2007


It's Friday night and, in the the company of the ever gregarious Di, we hit a round of Manchester art previews.First off, a show at the Holden gallery with passable art and drinkable wine, and then onto Bankley Studios in Levenshulme for open house and more drinks. Strolling down Stockport road, my old friend, serendipity, pays a visit and the Sultan appeared before us and invites us in. We ordered falafels,tahini,salad,breads and kosharie, a dish of tomatoes,rice and lentils.

Not only was it good, it was Egyptian. Bingo,it was number 21.The staff were great and the atmosphere was friendly.To complete our North African experience, Di and I shared a shisha before going our seperate ways.

As I waited for a taxi, I could have sworn I saw the Pryamid of Stockport.

Mission Statement

Greetings friends. The other morning I was listening to the pointless 'Midweek'. Pointless Libby Purvis was interviewing Tamsin Day-Lewis who has just published another pointless book on eating around the world in the company of her nameless boyfriend [he has a name-I couldn't be bothered to remember it]. It reminded me of another pointless duo and anti-inspiration for my journey, the Hairy Bikers. Whereas Tamsin seemed relentlessly and cloyingly nice, the Geordie pair are amateurish,patronising and as funny as PE teachers on a wet Monday morning.After seeing a rerun over the summer, I decided to eat my way around the world staying in one place, use public transport and get a number 3 at the barbers.
For real inspiration I've just re-read Anthony Bourdain's 'A Cook's Tour'. It is sharp,vibrant,witty,cool and as crisp and tasty as the fries at Les Halles. Another summer inspiration was 'Eating up Italy' by Matthew Fort. A gentle,educated and loving trip through that country's tavernas and trattorias on a Vespa. To the Hairy Bikers-read it,get a hair cut,buy a scooter and go back to teaching Home Economics or face extermination!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Around the World in 20 dinners


With another lazee sunday afternoonah rolling by and with no mind to worry,Brian and I were in no mind to cook.We also knew that Jazera in Rusholme sold rather fine rotisserie chickens which would definitly hit the spot.Chicken it was,with Kodeba,salad,
nans,mint sauce and glasses of tea.Spots were indeed hit.

A photo of Jerusalem on the wall told us that Jazera is Palenstinian and enabled me to tick number 20 off my list.I'm a quarter of the way through my journey and it has been a wonder.The sight of a man photographing his food has often been met with amusement but always good natured acceptence.So onwards and as my midriff will testify,outwards.

Kro 2

For years I thought serendipity was a fictional kiddies character.I can confirm that she's real as she paid me an unexpected visit on Tuesday evening as I perused the menu at Kro2.As I turned to leave, I bumped into Saltz and Nikki. Saltz is an old friend of mine and Nikki is an old friend of Saltz's.She claimed that they met 16 years ago at the Hacienda.I said that unless they were letting primary school kids in at the time that this was not possible.

With fate bringing us together, we celebrated with plates of Frikedellar [Danish meatballs] all round.It was an enjoyable evening of stories,reminiscinces,friendships renewed and made anew.

Serendipity can be magic.