Sunday, 11 November 2007

Mission Statement

Greetings friends. The other morning I was listening to the pointless 'Midweek'. Pointless Libby Purvis was interviewing Tamsin Day-Lewis who has just published another pointless book on eating around the world in the company of her nameless boyfriend [he has a name-I couldn't be bothered to remember it]. It reminded me of another pointless duo and anti-inspiration for my journey, the Hairy Bikers. Whereas Tamsin seemed relentlessly and cloyingly nice, the Geordie pair are amateurish,patronising and as funny as PE teachers on a wet Monday morning.After seeing a rerun over the summer, I decided to eat my way around the world staying in one place, use public transport and get a number 3 at the barbers.
For real inspiration I've just re-read Anthony Bourdain's 'A Cook's Tour'. It is sharp,vibrant,witty,cool and as crisp and tasty as the fries at Les Halles. Another summer inspiration was 'Eating up Italy' by Matthew Fort. A gentle,educated and loving trip through that country's tavernas and trattorias on a Vespa. To the Hairy Bikers-read it,get a hair cut,buy a scooter and go back to teaching Home Economics or face extermination!

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Peter Lythgoe said...

Hear Hear! The hairy bikers are a disgrace to hair, cooking and bikers. Most importantly they are giving bikers with an ounce of taste a bad name and should be issued with trikes immediately.