Sunday, 4 November 2007


With another lazee sunday afternoonah rolling by and with no mind to worry,Brian and I were in no mind to cook.We also knew that Jazera in Rusholme sold rather fine rotisserie chickens which would definitly hit the spot.Chicken it was,with Kodeba,salad,
nans,mint sauce and glasses of tea.Spots were indeed hit.

A photo of Jerusalem on the wall told us that Jazera is Palenstinian and enabled me to tick number 20 off my list.I'm a quarter of the way through my journey and it has been a wonder.The sight of a man photographing his food has often been met with amusement but always good natured acceptence.So onwards and as my midriff will testify,outwards.


iwona said...

Enjoying your site :-)
Thinking of cocktails at the bonfire last night - the castle fireworks has the best finale yet - spectacular.

robert hamilton said...

thank you Iwona-I'll write to you soon