Monday, 10 September 2007


The search for exotic experiences continues and with another lazy Sunday afternoon in view, Brian and I set off for pastures new. We found our way to the 'Kurdistan Restaurant' on Grandale Street, Rusholme. We ordered 'Chicken Quzi','Kebab Mahshee' with nan, rice and salad. They came with a hot aubergine stew and a harissa broth to moisten the grilled meats, breads and rice.

It was a feast.Rich ,succulent and filling, we did our best to clear the heaving table but left defeated and happy.

Here's the thing, Kurdistan is not a country.It's a 'traditional ethnographic region' that includes Iran,Iraq,Syria,Turkey,Azerbaijan and Armenia.However, for my purpose it will count as one.And for the Kurds who gave us as such a warm and friendly welcome, it should be. Free Kurdistan!

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