Sunday, 30 September 2007


With the leaves turning and Autumn truly here, I went in search of warmer climes and found it tucked behind MMU-a two mniute walk away from work -'Jati' Malay [and Thai] Cafe. It serves a wide variety of Malaysian and Thai dishes in a warm and homely setting. Tea is the drink of the day and it is sweetly served in dimpled pint mugs. I never drink non-alcoholic drinks after 11 00 when the Sun is well over the yard arm in my book and 'Jati' being 100% halal, I stuck to water [yes I know what fish do in it].

I had a lunch special, Malaysian Chicken Curry with crunchy curried veg and rice. The meat fell from the bone-juicy and tender in the mouth. I was transported from that dark and dull day in a moment.
The staff were as welcoming as a South China Sea breeze and the girls bade me a sunny Malay farewell as I left in search of Mr Peroni.


iwona said...

Looking foreward to your travelling toward the midnight sun.

Peter Lythgoe said...

The food is great, the staff are brilliant and the pints of tea are worth the visit on their own!