Sunday, 7 October 2007


With number 15 coming up, not to mention 14 stone on the scales, the enormity of my task is beginning to weigh heavily on mind and body. So I hope you will forgive me if I cut the odd corner. As in the Sandbar is my favourite lunch-time haunt but usually serves Polish fare [more of this at a later date].To celebrate the arrival of October, they put on a Baverian feast of Bratwurst, warm potato and bacon salad and red cabbage with a free pint of Pavlaner Oktoberfest beer thrown in for good measure.

For those students of modern European history, you have to imagine the Sandbar as the Danzig of Manchester cafe/bars and it was annexed by German food for the day. Jan even dressed the part.

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Jenny said...

Bless them at Sand Bar for providing such hearty food! I don't blame you at all for cutting corners since the food in there is always lovely :)

And look, I've discovered your Dutch counterpart! Maybe you could start some sort of club?