Sunday, 28 October 2007


Of all the crimes Lebanon has had to suffer, the tackiest has to be the Human Leagues' attempt to explain the complexities of that country to bepimpled new romantics, 'Lebanon'.While no apology could ever make up for this cultural insult,I can only say sorry for this even tackier segway to 'Fatoosh',a Lebanese restauarent on the edge of Rusholme. It offers a selection of mezze from which Brian and I chose fatoosh ,tabbouleh,hommos beruity,naqaneq and fatayer as well as refreshing mint tea.

Mezze were made for sharing [ mentioned obliquely by HL as in "life was cheap on bread and wine,and sharing meant no shame".] It could have only been improved by a glass or two of Cheateau Musar, but B and I shared until we could eat no more
I can also commend the architecture which served to enhance the food. The downside? The Human League are reforming.

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Sarah Irving said...

Yep, I'd just like to very much back up this recommendation for Fatoosh (and agree with the assessment that the food would be magnificently complemented by a glass or 3 of Chateau Musar, but not to be). Fatoosh (once you get past the students smoking nargilas on the way in) is a friendly, unpretentious little place where you can eat until you pop for under a tenner - my favourites include the friend halloumi, spicey potatos and fuul. Great for veggies, too.