Saturday, 20 October 2007

Sandbar [part 2]

With Oktoberfest over and German food banished from the menu at the Sandbar, Wisia, the superbly talented Polish chef, returned to her roots.At the behest of your correspondent, Wisia recreated what many consider to be her masterpiece, Golabki.Roughly translated as 'little pigeons', golabki are cabbage parcels stuffed with pork and rice and smothered in a rich tomato gravy. Like the Shredded Wheat advert of old, we managed to convince the ever generous Wisia that 3 golabki was too much for anyone.


I was joined by my friend and colleague ,Di, for this handsome feast. We came, we saw, we conquered and we were filled.


Jenny said...

Hello! Here is the address for that ever-so-clever feed reading device wotnot :)

Peter Lythgoe said...

I can vouch for the 'pigeons' they are delicious. And so much more manageable in pairs.

robert hamilton said...

Thank you Jenny and Peter as ever for your thoughts and comments