Sunday, 26 August 2007

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

One of the great frustrations of living in England is the unavailability of something approaching a decent hamburger. God knows I've eaten things that dare to call themselves by that illustrious name . I like burgers and I've travelled some mighty distances to get my hands on one. I've even been to one of the claimants to have given birth to the hamburger, Louis' Lunch Box in New Haven, Connecticut - a fine vertically grilled pattie on toast with just a slice of tomato and onion, ketchup is strictly forbidden.
For all you true burger cultists ,the Gourmet Burger Kitchen has come to town [well,Spinningfields which even Jacques Tati would have rejected as soulless]. While Hardens' overstretched themselves by claiming them to be" the best burgers on the planet", they are pretty damn good. I like the retro ketchup bottles [ which would have Louis turning in his grave]

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