Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Tai Wu

The Tai Wu on Oxford Street is one of my favourite places for lunch.It is particularly good for Dim Sum especially between 12 and 4 when they are half-price.It's not the oldest [it's curiously underneath a modern carpark] , it's not the most famous [that honour goes to the Yang Sing] and it's not the prettiest [did I tell you it's underneath a carpark-a multi-storey carpark].But, in terms of taste and value, it is great.
I was first taken there by Sophia Hao,an emerging and talented artist,writer and curator, who introduced me to the delights of "Whelks in Yellow Bean Sauce" as well as "Chickens Feet" and "Cheung Fun". I try to go every week if not more.When I decided to start this blog I knew the Tai Wu would be my first post.
30/7/07-Scallop Cheung Fun,Vegetable Spring Rolls,Steamed Beef Dumplings,Prawn Wontons and Custard Buns all washed down with Green Tea!

Stick to the ground floor and the Dim Sum-it sounds, feels and looks as I imagine Hong Kong to be.

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