Sunday, 12 August 2007

Red Chilli

Ni hao. To complete my visit to the Far East I stopped into Red Chilli on Friday with my guru of all things Chinese , Sophia. Red Chilli is a purveyor of Szechuan and Beijing cooking and represents mainland China . As the name suggests , it is hot and firey and a thousand miles away from the blandness of most Cantonese food.
We had Spiced Braised Beef , which is a house speciality, an incandescent Tofu and Minced beef, and Beijing Aubergine for sweetness and balance. Sophia says the the food is even better than the restaurants she visited on a recent trip to Beijing and Red Chilli was voted the 4th best Chinese in Britain by the Observer Food magazine. I also get to practice my nascent Mandarin on a bewilered staff. Zaijian. For Alison-it's on Portland Street.

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