Thursday, 30 August 2007

Al Quds

Rusholme is literally flagposted as "The Curry Mile" . I've not been for years as I prefer the delights of the Northern Quarter Asian restaurants. In the minds of many , Rusholme had become tainted , serving only the dulled taste buds of drunks.When the old 'Shezan' closed that was the end for me.
On a recent visit I found out that it had that it has become a mecca for new Middle-Eastern restaurants and cafes. A godsend for my food quest. On Wednesday, Di , Dan and me ventured out after work to the highly recommended 'Al Quds' kebab house. It is Afghani and sells , as everyone told me, the best kobeda kebabs in town. They weren't wrong!

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Danny boy said...

What a cracking pair of 'babs'. Not to mention the handsome couple in the photo.