Thursday, 9 August 2007


Pi is a new addition to Chorlton's growing cafe culture and occupies the spot where Idaho used to be.It's across Manchester Road from that unique purveyor of vegan piety, Unicorn. Pi does what it says on the tin and sells pies-as well as mash,peas and gravy.
I would call Pi solid English fare but some of the pies do have European flavour [see the Matador] as do the wide range of beers.As far as I know it's the only place that sells 'Menabrea' a great Italian beer. I went on Tuesday with Gary and Mick.Coming from Wigan,Mick is born to judge pies. Gary, while not a native pie-eater,is a cultured foodie and all-round good egg.

We tried a selection of Pi's pies ;beef,lamb and veggie with all the trimmings. The only testimony they need is Mick's plate as I know of no higher praise.

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