Thursday, 16 August 2007

Canada Grill

Is there an authentic Canadian cuisine? According to the menu at the Canada Grill, it consists of burgers, fried chicken and pizza. In what the Quebecois would call "un grand scandal de Bleu Pierre" , my friend Paul pointed out that I had not actually ventured into 'Canada Grill' and therefore, was a cheat. Quite right. In order to rectify this indiscretion I went in the other day and had a burger and fries , which they wrapped quaintly in a paper bag for the short journey home.

I have to report that , unlike Miss Lawson, the burger was flat , rubbery and tasteless. I am writing a strongly worded letter to the Canadian Ambassador.


Unknown said...

Cheat! You confessed to me that you didn't go inside. This can't count!

Jenny said...

Quel dommage! No maple syrup in sight, then? Hmmm, I wonder why they thought to brand their cuisine Canadian in the first place? o_O