Saturday, 25 October 2008

King Cobra

How y'all doin'? Well, I'm back in Blighty and talkin' like a native Arkansasian. I had a wonderful time and ate some great food, of which more later. I saw my first College Football game (Go Reddies!), which included a pre-game ritual, 'Tailgating' where I drank good Southern beer, even better Southern Bourbon and ate a delicious Louisanan 'Dirty Rice' in 75 degree sunshine.
To try and assuage my post-USA blues, I took myself off to Rushomle and the Sri Lankan delights of King Cobra. I had a hot "Fish Chilli' and rice.

While it blunted my depression, it was the Cobra beer that really took the edge off. I will leave you with a view of Arkadelphia and and the B&B I stayed at.

Captain Hendersons' House, Arkadelphia, ARK

B&B seems such an inadequate term for such a magnificent building and just look at that sky. The breakfasts weren't too bad either, courtesty of Miss Vicky. And thankfully, not a sign of Stephen Fry anywhere.


Jenny said...

How rude, Mr Hamilton! Stephen's book is a jolly good read, I'll have you know :P But he was already well & truly back in England by the time you were in Arkansas :) I'm surprised you didn't give us a B&B breakfast review too!

robert hamilton said...

Sorry Jenny-I saw his tv show on the deep south, which was ok, just. I forgot to charge my camera so just a few shots, though the breakfasts were excellent

iwona said...

Hi Robert,
Highwayman and fleece was enjoyed! am sending you the photos + a couple of the fireworks ;)