Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Kashmir, Bradford

Kashmir is the disputed boarder region between India and Pakistan, oft in the news and deemed to be 'most likely' spot for the beginning of nuclear armageddon. Perhaps fearing the worst, a few left the region in the 1950s to work in the dark satanic mills of Bradford. In 1958, lovelorn and homesick, they opened 'The Kashmir' to provide comfort and a descent homecooked meal for their fellow Asians. 50 years on, it's still there. On a visit to the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit at the National Media Museum, Di and I lunched there on the best Shami kebabs and Kheema Madras in the land.

As a regular visitor for 30 years or more, I have never tasted better. But then again, it is flavoured with memories.


Bob said...

So the task of all meals being in Mankester went by the board in the good old US of A. That I could see, but Leeeds and Bratfut, please!!! Why not try sunny Warwickshire. You never know you might just like it. x

robert hamilton said...

Hi Bob,
Thank you for pointing that out, however if you read the beginning I said I was allowed the M62 corridor as there was never going to be 80 gaffes in Mankester!!
Rob x