Sunday, 24 February 2008

Kellys, Albuquerque

Before I went to New Mexico, a friend commented that if I found a British pub there would it count towards my 80 dinners. The answer was, of course, no; but I did find a pub, Kellys on Route 66. The bright desert sun filled the large diner with light and smiles as we ordered a variety of burgers, sandwiches and drinks. Kellys is a microbrewery and I had an IPA so tasty that it would make a beardy, pipe smoking, CND supporting, card carrying communist, member of CAMRA wince with embarassment. My Philly Steak sandwich was equally as tasty.

I was accompanied on my sojourn by Amelia, Amanda, Dana, Beth and Kathryn, who were a symphony of Southern charm, wit and intelligence
To them, a simple 'thank y'all'. Now I'm back in Blighty, so onwards to that magic 80. But Albuquerque, with all its fine
restaurants and sweet company, will linger long in the memory.


Bob said...

It has been noted that only women were mentioned in this last diner dinner tale of delights. Noted I say.

robert hamilton said...

aah, Bob, a man with taste and vision.

Athena said...

As one of that "symphony of Southern women," I must say that I am both honored and delighted to have made your 80 dinners blog, Robert. The detail and the pics do bring back memories . . .