Monday, 19 April 2010


Ni hao dear readers. As you can see, I've been on my travels to China to consult with my colleagues at 'Aroundthewotldin80dinners' Global Headquarters in Beijing. We discussed, at length, future plans and projects for our ever popular site. I have also returned with some exciting posts for the many great restaurants I visited and fantastic dinners I ate. Needless to say, they will not count towards my 80 (aka 'red dotters') but they are good enough to provide my dear readers with your attention and time.
I've been away for the best part of a month and this has lead to some impatience on the part of some of our clients (yes, I mean you, Bob) but please bear with us and I promise it will be worth the wait.

WARNING: Our comments page has recently been hacked by 'Ladies of the Night' sites in Chinese. We urge you to ignore these. They will be meaningless unless your Mandarin is as good as mine. (my little joke there).

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minhua said...

Good picture in Tian an men Square!