Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Jason's Burgers 'n More, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Not so long ago, I had the enormous good fortune to work in Arkansas for a short period. Of all the great times I spent there, my Sunday at the resort of Hot Springs in the company of Beth, Jay, Beth-Ann and Trisha will remain with me. Hot Springs is a spa town, south of Little Rock, much favored by America's gangsters for the restorative qualities of its' waters. You can drink cocktails next to Al Capone's car in the lobby of the Arlington hotel. Another treat was dinner at Jason's.A Southern gem on the road to Lake Hamilton.

I had probably the finest burger this side of Scott's homemade cheese burger (another true Arkansas gem). Accompanied by Cat fish, hush puppies ( a small fried ball of dough, usually fed to fractious puppies), tatter tots and cajun fries, it was washed down with local brew, Amber Bock and American football on the TV. Sheer Southern bliss.

Trisha, Beth-Ann and Beth tuck in.

In the midst of life's everyday drudgery, God grants us a few days that will live long in the memory and this was one one of them. As I write, Beth is seriously ill and I pray that God grants her a full and speedy recovery so that there will be more days such as this.

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