Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bem Brazil

Continuing the South American theme, Aureja and I went to 'Bem Brazil' (as in 'esta bem'-'its OK') on a rare sunny afternoon in early June. As you can see it's been some time lingering in my mind as the last few weeks have been taken up with grading papers and exams (over a million words!). All of which leaves me with a kind of word phobia that I'm only now getting over ,for example, I can read a newspaper without the overwhelming desire to mark it. So, my patient readers, you can see the prospect of putting pen to paper has been a daunting one. Thankfully this does not extend to reading menus.

'Bem Brazil' is a 'rodizio' restaurant. This means it serves a never-ending succession of succulent grilled meats to which one can add greens, salads, potatoes and rice (it caters for the rare Brazilian vegetarian as well) It was delicious as it was exotic.

It proved to be a warm and tasteful afternoon in the company of the sultry Aureja, and I hope there are a few more before she inevitabley sails away on a summer breeze.

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