Sunday, 2 December 2007

Boteco Brazil

Many years ago in Chorlton there was a Brazilian restaurant called, if memory serves, Latino's. It was a sweet but short lived place where, again if memory serves, I danced badly to Samba until 3 in the morning with Romanna Flores. When it closed so to did Manchester's only South American cafe.
Recent developments have brought us 2 new Brazilian eateries, Pau Brazil on Lever Street and Boteco Brazil in the Arndale food court. I found myself at the latter on Friday, where I was treated to carne moida com batatas,feijao,farofa,more carne and arroz. It was a favela of flavours built on a bed of rice in a bowl
The guys were friendly as I asked the names of the dishes and understanding as I explained the madness of my project.As I have returned to Chorlton after a decade away, perhaps the spirit of Latino's has come back too.


Anonymous said...

If you ever visit Rochdale, try Brazil Grill. Excellent food/snacks.

robert hamilton said...

Thank you, Antonio-next time I'm up that way, I will