Saturday, 6 March 2010

El Rincon

We at 'Aroundtheworldin80dinners'PLC, have come to the conclusion that a monthly post seems to be a regular and desirable outcome in these days of worldwide economic depression and global gloom. It is also sustainable (a trendy eco-word I know, but apposite here) given the task ahead. Further to this, we have decided that 80 dinners is not necessarily an attainable goal but rather (another trendy word) a benchmark. To redefine and redesign our mission statement, we have recalled Robert to our global headquarters in Beijing. He takes up the tale

I know I've done Spain before, but Rafa's is firm favorite and a fantastic place for a late lunch with my good friend and cultural guide, Ying. We feasted fully on patatas bravas, meatballs, hake and chorizo which we washed down with a bone-dry rosado in true Iberian fashion.

Ying (as ever 'hen hao kan') has an encyclopedic knowledge of Beijing and Hong Kong where my travels will take me in the coming month. Not only to our global headquarters, but also the China Film Archive, the Beijing Film Academy and the Hong Kong Film Festival. More of this on my return. My only regret is that Ying cannot come with me to enjoy the many good meals that await for she is a culinary companion and soul food mate.